Who we are

Your Publishing Partner

BBL Media & Publishing creates partnerships with authors and speakers to publish your book, elevate your story and get your message to the world. We create a publishing team that fits your project and budget. We work hand in hand with you to create the highest quality book possible and bring it to your targeted market. Whether your project is best suited for self-publishing, traditional, or a mix of the two through our hybrid publishing imprint, we help you navigate the publishing path to save you time, money, and mistakes.

BBL Publishing: A Hybrid Publishing Imprint of Build.Buzz.Launch. Media

BBL Publishing is a Hybrid Publisher focusing on the Health, Wellness and Spirituality Genre, both fiction and non-fiction. We partner with our authors to bring the best possible book to market and work closely through the entire process of manuscript development, positioning, editing, titleing, design, author platform development and book launch.  This partnership allows for some reduced upfront costs for you, the credibility and global distribution that self-publishing does not offer, with the flexibility and speed-to-market that traditional big publishing houses cannot provide.  

As a hybrid publisher, we assemble our select team of professionals to work hand-in-hand with our authors based on the type of project and overall goals of the book. Unlike many publishers, we select only a handful of projects each year and we share the risk – and rewards of success – equally.

Publishing Consulting

Regardless of which path to publishing is best for your book – and we can help you decide -we’re here to help you navigate the twists and turns and new opportunities that today’s publishing landscape offers. We’ll coach you through any phase of the process or take over as project manger to make sure that all of the moving parts – designers, editors, web designers, publicists – are all on the same page and working effectively for you.

Email leann@buildbuzzlaunch.com for a free 30-minute publishing assessment. 

Publishing Consulting: $125/hour     Blocks of 5 hours @ $500

“I wanted tell you how much I enjoyed and was inspired by your workshop. I came looking for clarity, motivation and direction, and I walked away with all of that and more. In fact, I think the “more” is most important – fired-up passion, enthusiasm and commitment” – M.B.