Manuscript Submissions

Traditional, Independent or Hybrid Publishing

BBL Publishing is the hybrid imprint of Build.Buzz.Launch. Media, focusing on the Health, Wellness, and Spirituality genres, both fiction and non-fiction.

We also help you independently publish under your own imprint if that is your path. (Click here for a video from the 805 Writer’s Conference on ‘Paths to Publishing’)

Not sure if your manuscript is ready for publication or which path to take? We’ll consult with you and give you a personal map for success. (For a free 30 minute discovery session, email )

We do not do full reads of manuscripts as part of the submission process. Manuscript assessments by our top editors are available for fee, with a recommendation report and sample editing.

If you’re interested in having us look at your project, please send the following:

Cover letter, synopsis, table of contents, target market for your book, goal for your book and why you wrote it, your preferred publishing path (traditional, independent, or hybrid publishing) and up to 4 chapters.

“Find Your Voice” in good company!