More Buzz… and new books in production!

Original cover art by author Gregory A. Rogers for "Created: Celestial Beings", now in production.
Original cover art by author Gregory A. Rogers for “Created: Celestial Beings”, now in production.

It’s been a busy, chaotic summer. Here at BBL and across the globe! Hurricanes, fires, an amazing total eclipse (we went to Nashville to see it!).  As well as new authors and exciting manuscripts that our editors have had a blast working on. Congratulations to our authors who have patiently gone through the editing phase of their books and are now ready to start final proofing and – one of the most exciting parts for me – the beginning of cover design and production while we work on the Author Brand. Here’s what is coming in Spring 2018:

“Matt Monroe and the Secret Society of Odontology”, by Ed Torba. A middle grade ‘Harry Potter-ish’ fantasy series. Pre-Launch February 2018.

In Business, It’s Personal: How to Get the Job and Get Ahead, by Christy Noel & Mike Noel. A unique collection of real-life business advice from the father-daughter business duo and a handful of other successful professionals. Dubbed “The Little Red Book of Business” by early reviewers for its simple, direct, and practical wisdom. May/June 2018.

Created: Celestial Beings, by Gregory A. Rogers. First book in the “Created” series. Debut of an amazing new talent who has studied the biblical account of Creation alongside the science of evolution and developed a totally new – and surprising – viewpoint. Greg weaves this heavenly account of the ‘time before in-the-beginning’ told by an Angel who was there. Pre-Launch April/May 2018.

A Hero in Time, by Dr. Peter J Rappa. This second book from our award-winning Dallas physician is a novel that incorporates Dr. Rappa’s life and healing philosophies into a page-turning drama/romance. Available October 1 2017.



Need More Book Buzz Help?

Thanks to everyone who joined me and Jandra Sutton for our free webinar on Building Book Buzz last month. If you missed the hour-long discussion on Platform, Publicity and Book Launch, you can get the replay here. And if you’d like more… join us for our 3-week intensive live course where we’ll dig even deeper into these topics. (Limited to 15 participants).

We’ll start July 6 and meet live, online for 90 minutes each Thursday for 3-weeks to help you map out a Book Buzz plan. For details on the curriculum and what to expect click here.

Be sure and reserve your spot today; we’re limiting the course to only 15 authors or publishers so that we can personalize it for YOUR projects.

Author education is a top priority for us here at BBL. Our goal is to help you save time, money and frustration while raising the quality of your published work. I hope you’ll join us!

Copy of Build Book Buzz

Next Book Buzz Webinar is June 8th! Join me and Digital Marketing Pro Jandra Sutton LIVE!

Build Book Buzz (6) BREAK THROUGH THE OVERWHELM!  If you missed our first Free Build Book Buzz webinar last month, you’re in luck! We’ll be doing another one next week – and this time Jandra Sutton will be joining us LIVE. She’s our new Digital Marketing Expert and a published author. So, she knows of what she speaks!

Join us for an hour of insight into some of the most critical — and often overwhelming — tasks you must master as an Indie Author or Publisher to create a following and sell books – PLATFORM, PUBLICITY, AND LAUNCH.  This live, online event will give you some great tips and tools you can use today to start answering the question: “How do I build my audience, sell books, and manage my publicity and social media — all while trying to write my next book?!”   It’s overwhelming. We know.

The free webinar is a preview of what you’ll learn in our Book Buzz Intensive, a 3-week, online book marketing and publicity course (we’re limiting the class size to 15 so we can help you with YOUR project). However, we’ll give you real tips in the free webinar that you can start using today. (I hate those free webinars that are JUST a sales tool for the course, don’t you? )

Here’s what we’ll cover Thursday June 8 at 3 p.m. Pacific/ 5 p.m. Central.
-Building Your PLATFORM Before You Launch Your Book
-3 Social Media Tips to prevent overwhelm
-3 Things you can change on your website today to build your audience
-Book PUBLICITY and Making News; 3 things you must have before starting
-What’s in a Press Kit and why do I need one?
-The #1 mistake Authors make when contacting the media
-How to amplify your PR reach with Social Media
-Elements of a Successful LAUNCH
-Setting yourself up for Success: Timing is everything
-Get Social: Events, Ads and Reviews

So mark your calendars for next Thursday and bring a question or two for live answers at the end of our chat! More info and registration HERE.


Join us for a FREE BUILD BOOK BUZZ webinar on April 26th at 6:30 pm PST, a 60-minute, live discussion…

BREAK THROUGH THE OVERWHELM! Join us for an hour of insight into some of the most critical — and often overwhelming — tasks you must master as an Indie Author or Publisher to create a following and sell books – PLATFORM, PUBLICITY, AND LAUNCH.

While this is an intro to our upcoming 3-week online, in-depth BOOK BUZZ course, which begins May 10th, you’ll get plenty of answers, how-to’s and tips to start Building Buzz for your book today! Don’t miss this FREE hour of expert insight from BBL Publishing’s Founder and 25-year Publicity professional, Leann Garms.

We’ll also be joined by a special guest who will give her secrets to mastering social media!

This free webinar will offer solid strategies and takeaways that we will expand on in a new 3-week digital course, BUILDING BOOK BUZZ beginning May 10th.

While this IS an intro to the new course, it is NOT a big sales pitch. I hate those… I value your time, and my goal is to give you some real insight and instruction on how one of the most overlooked areas of
publishing – book marketing and publicity – really works. You’ll get plenty of tips to get you started, but for those who want and need more, you can join us for three Wednesday evenings in May and dig deeper into the details during the course.  Plus, we’re limiting the classes to 15 authors or fellow publishers to give us a chance to help you with YOUR specific marketing challenges.

BE sure to sign up for the free webinar – with lots of meaty takeaways – today!   Eventbrite - Build Book Buzz Free Webinar


Meet your Writing & Publishing Guides

The Writer’s Road to Success weekend is almost upon us ( 8 tickets still available) So, I thought I’d introduce you to your instructors on our journey. Bridget Boland is BBL’s Lead Editor and Writing Coach. She assists us in deciding which manuscripts have merit, which authors might need a little help to improve their book, and makes sure that your content, fiction or nonfiction, is not only of superior quality, but that it reflects your vision and your voice for your work.

Although my “voice” is in my book, Bridget’s work has elevated the quality of the writing to something far beyond what I was capable of creating.  Barbara Gold, LCSW, LMFT

Here’s a little more about our esteemed Editor…

Bridget Boland’s work has appeared in Conde Nast Women’s Sports and Fitness, YogaChicago, and The Essential Chicago. Her debut novel, The Doula, was published by Simon and Schuster September, 2012. Excerpts from her work have won the Writers League of Texas Memoir Prize, and the Surrey Writers Conference Nonfiction Award. Bridget holds an MFA in creative writing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, a JD from Loyola University of Chicago, and is the recipient of seven residencies at The Ragdale Foundation for Writers and Artists, and recipient of an Illinois Arts Council Professional Development Grant.

On Saturday, Bridget will help you remove any ‘blocks’ that may be keeping you from finishing that manuscript and then show you how to prepare your words and yourself for publishing.

Bridget literally pulled that writer deep inside me to the surface. She artfully and expertly guided me as I wrote my first novel. I finally know I’m on my way to achieving my lifelong dream. –  Jody Hadlock, Semi-Finalist, 2016 William Faulkner-William Wisdom Creative Writing Competition 

You can sign up until Friday morning if we still have seats. This will be a small group to give each of you more personal attention. I hope you can join us! Here’s a little more about the schedule:

Writer’s Road to Publishing Success

Saturday, November 19

Clearing the Roadblocks for Inspired Creation: Energetics to Remove Blocks & help your creativity flow.

  • What’s holding you back? Identify unconscious, limiting beliefs you hold around your writing and publishing and sweep them from your energy field with guided visualizations and energetic techniques
  • Instill empowered beliefs in your subconscious and align with your writing goals for optimal success

Prepare Your Manuscript – and Yourself – for Success

  • Identify action steps necessary to implement your new beliefs and reach your goals
  • Create a schedule for writing, editing, marketing and P.R. that helps you reach your goals
  • Learn how to professionally format your manuscript
  • Learn why you must use professional editors and how to work with them

Sunday, November 20

Find Your Path to Publishing: Traditional, Hybrid or Self-publishing

  • Pros and cons of today’s publishing options
  • Ask Why: Aligning your goals with your publishing path
  • What you’ll need. Essentials every author must have for publishing success.
  • Time & Money: How much should you invest in editing, design and production?

The Essential Step-by-Step Roadmap to Branding, Marketing and Sales

  • What’s an Author Platform, why you need one, and what it costs
  • Book launch essentials
  • Critical elements of a website
  • Using Press Kits, online press rooms, publicity and social media to raise awareness and increase sales
  • Budgeting your publishing and marketing dollars

Each session is 2 hours – Total of 4 hours each day, with an hour of social time on the rooftop deck or on the beach!


Writer’s Road to Publishing Success! Nov. 19 & 20


road-to-publishing-success-4Do you have a finished manuscript? Is it good enough to publish? What’s the next step to get published? Maybe you’ve published your book but wonder how to build your audience…

Today’s publishing world is full of exciting opportunities for writers – and a lot of decisions. If you’ve ever questioned your next steps to finishing that manuscript, getting published, finding your audience, or finding a team to help you, you’re not alone.

We’re excited to offer our first in-depth workshop that will give you your personal roadmap to success – and save you time and costly mistakes along the way.   Our Lead Editor and Writing Coach, Bridget Boland will join me to work with a handful of writers – it’s limited to 20 – to map out the practical steps needed to move your writing and publishing dreams forward. Bridget will use her years of experience as a writing instructor and coach, as well as her energetic techniques (she’s also a shaman), to help you break through anything that is holding you back from your own success, while giving you solid advice on how to work with editors and prepare your manuscript for publication.

I’ll be focusing on your options for publishing – today’s realities – once you’ve got a manuscript, and we’ll discuss which path to publishing is right for you and your project.  Plus, we’ll look at what it takes to publish, create your author platform, what a book publicity campaign looks like, what things should cost and how to find the team to help you.

With a small class, in our intimate seaside setting in Oceanside, you’ll get personal attention  in an environment to let your creativity flow… and finally get on the right road for your journey as an author. Stop now, and take a look at each day’s activities. You can attend one day or both, and there’s a discount for attending the whole weekend.   But don’t delay, space is limited. More information and registration is available here. 


New Posts on Publishing Coming Soon!  

We’re writing as fast as we can!  After a two-week hiatus to finish editing some manuscripts, I’m working on a series of Publishing posts for you. So much to tell you about how to make your book the best it can be… and find your audience. We also have some workshops coming up in November that you won’t want to miss.