Paths to Publishing


Join Build Buzz Launch founder Leann Garms for a 3-week intensive course that will give you all of your options in today’s changing publishing world and decide which path is best for your story. Are you thinking of Self-Publishing, Hybrid Publishing or going a Traditional route?

We’ll share the latest news from the national Independent Book Publishers Association conference and exciting new tools to help you publish the most professional book possible — using the publishing path that makes sense for your story and your goals.

The three week course in Paths to Publishing will focus specifically on:

I. Self-Publishing: Is the freedom of choice worth all the work?

II. Hybrid Publishing: Taking a collaborative approach to share the risk and rewards.

III. Traditional Publishing: Do you have what it takes? Demystify book agents, book proposals, and the realities of getting a writing deal.


  • A curated group of 10-12 authors
  • A free, 60-minute live video course introduction
  • 3 sessions, 120 minutes long, video conferencing
  • E-mail support during the 3-week course, and discounts on BBL consulting


SESSION ONE: Self Publishing: Pros and Cons

Is the freedom of choice worth all the work? In this session we will highlight the return on investment when it comes to your time and money with self publishing and the barriers to reviews and distribution. This includes the reality of making your money back, where you can get distribution, and how to gear up for a professional launch.

SESSION TWO: Hybrid Publishing

The biggest growth sector in publishing is gaining momentum. We’ll give you the true definition of a Hybrid Publisher, what to look for and what to be wary of. This session guide you to know what to expect when working with hybrid publishers, how to determine if this is the best path for you and your books and how to budget for success.

SESSION THREE: Traditional Publishing

Traditional Book deals are less financial risk, but how do you land a publishing house, or an agent? Are you sure you want to? We will break down the pros and cons of Traditional publishing and how it fares in today’s publishing world. We’ll break down the basics of a book proposal, why you should have one regardless of HOW you decide to publish, attracting book agent, and the realities of publishing with a traditional house.

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